Natural born killer

Can someone please tell me what self-respecting father or mother allows his/her 12 or 13-year old kid to walk around wearing a t-shirt like this?

natural born killer

Teresa and I were at our son Ethan’s T-ball skills competition on Saturday, and as the kids were waiting for their pictures, I saw this guy. Seeing the slogan on the bottom, I had to snap a picture.

Unbelievable. Normal enough looking kid, wearing a Slipknot (i.e., hangman’s noose) t-shirt that says: “You cannot kill what you did not create.” I suppose that might even be a positive message, by some twisted interpretation.

With “death metal” groups like this, and music like this, and t-shirts like this, does anyone wonder why some kids, who might be susceptible, who might be a little unstable, who might have major, major issues in their lives, step over the edge from fantasy to horrible, bloody reality?

I guess with what passes for parents in our society these days we can’t be too shocked at the kinds of kids we raise.