My photos & hotlink protection

Few things bug me more than people using my images without permission, with even a link to my site, and without even hosting the images themselves.

MySpace is a frequent offender … usually morons like this kid who think that using the F-word repeatedly somehow has an iPod halo-ish coolness effect.

If you’ve come to this page, it’s because someone tried to link to my images without linking to the page that they’re on.

If you’ve come from Google Images, just go back, and click on the link for the page that holds the image.

For some reason, the guyI mentioned above, and several other of the leachers at MySpace have linked to this picture of Aidan licking his fingers after eating chocolate. It’s annoying enough that they’re using my picture. It’s far, far worse, when they make derogatory remarks about it or feature it right beside objectionable pictures. I complained to MySpace a month ago, and I was told that account would be deleted. Hrm … checked my logs tonight, and I’m still getting hits from that site. And another one has started up.

Not cool!

So I’ve simply disable hotlinking support. Sorry, but I won’t have pix of my kids being used on questionable sites.

[ updated November 12 ]

Well, I just got a very uncool message from MySpace, basically saying that unless I get a lawyer to talk to them, I’m toast. OK, fine, I’m denying hotlinks.