My post on Oracle Marketing Cloud’s blog >> Privacy-First Marketing: How to Win in the 2020s

Marketing is changing. Privacy as a trend is real and lasting, and the legislative as well as business changes that the move to privacy is creating are causing significant technological change.

That technological change makes the movement to privacy powerful, because it locks in code the growing ethos that it’s not OK for corporate interests to amass huge stockpiles of “the new oil,” personal data.

In a new post on Oracle’s “modern marketing” blog, I talk about the path forward.

An excerpt:

Modern digital marketing was magic. You could assemble a Wall Street Journal audience on an Angry Birds budget, because you could track devices and therefore people and thus aggregate audiences. This was great for marketers. Not so great, however, for privacy, and—if we’re honest—not so great for premium publishers like the Wall Street Journal.

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