My New Most unFavorite Word: Compliance

Compliance seems to be a very in word these days … and I have had it with a passion.

I’ve heard it three times in the last 36 hours. Enough!

Branding boffins are particularly fond of compliance. “Bring that website into compliance, please.” “That brochure isn’t logo-standards compliant!” “Is that new widget standards compliant?”

Now Canada Post is getting into the compliance game. In addition to not liking dog biscuits that are shaped like mailmen, Canada Post is no longer delivering letters unless the home owners come into compliance with the new dog policy.

Bureaucrats and lawyers just love this terminology:

“If an individual does not comply with ensuring that we can deliver mail safely, we will suspend delivery to that residence until such time that we can safely deliver the mail,” he said in an interview.

The worst offenders, however, have to be Olympic officials.

As I saw on a buddy’s blog recently, Olympic officials are absolutely Nazi about compliance, particularly where something near and dear to their hearts – cold hard cash – is concerned.

Despite random attempts at guerrilla advertising, such as the tutu-clad crasher who made waves at the Aug. 17 diving competition, IOC organizers say there has been “almost complete compliance” with the Clean Venue Policy. And the offender at the diving event, who had the name of a Canadian Internet betting site painted across his torso, was merely “trying to get his wife’s attention on TV,” local papers reported.

No, the ‘Clean Venue Policy’ has nothing to do with garbage or the lack thereof … it’s all about a pristine branding environment which corporate sponsors can inseminate with their monetary memes.

Bah humbug to all of them, and all of their compliance, I say.