My fireside chat on adtech, martech, IoT, automation, AI, and smart rings with Oath (AOL+Yahoo)

Oath (former AOL+Yahoo) runs a regular fireside chat series with “leaders from across the ad industry” sharing their vision for the future.

I was super-pumped to visit Oath’s amazing offices in Los Angeles to do the chat in their unbelievably well-equipped studios. (And yes, it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten my makeup done, professionally or otherwise.)

I had a great conversation with Missy Schnurstein, who runs part of Oath’s ad business. We chatted about adtech, martech, IoT, automation, AI, and smart rings, and a lot more.

Check out the blog post here, and I’ve embedded the video below:

Oath Ad Platforms Fireside Chat with John Koetsier, Singular from Oath on Vimeo.


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