Modern Luddites Smash $15M Industrial Robots, Claim They Were Forced To Train Metal Replacements via “Skinning” Process

This is the fourth chapter of Insights from the Future, a book I’m writing about technology, innovation, and people … from the perspective of the future.

LOS ANGELES — Fifteen workers at the LAX Distribution Center in Los Angeles were arrested Monday for alleged robot-smashing: destroying nine robots worth an estimated $15 million.

The warehouse workers don’t deny the charges, but insist that what they were forced to do was inhuman and unfair, violated their collective bargaining agreement, and were simply protecting their families.

“The company forced us to wear skin suits that collect data on every motion,” one worker who declined to provide her name alleged. “They were training the robots that were going to take our jobs with our very own bodies.”

The new technology is called skinning.

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