Moderating @ Marfeel: Building & growing your audience, the latest acquisition channels


Enjoyed moderating this event for Marfeel, a cloud-based platform that provides website and advertisement space display optimization for mobile websites.

The panel:

  • Moderator: John Koetsier, Senior Contributor, Forbes
  • Marko Zulj, Senior Channel Partnerships Manager, Google
  • Julie Alvin, SVP, Editorial Content Strategy & Development
  • Marta Rocamora, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager, Marfeel

Our topics:

  • First: COVID-19: how are you … where are you: personally?
    • Professionally … what’s the impact of Coronavirus on your business?
  • What has changed in the traffic source split in the time you’ve been in your company?
    • How has it changed over the past 4-8 weeks?
  • Do you measure the ‘’quality’’ of users depending on the channel? If so, how?
  • A recent survey from INMA found that 59% of publishers spend less on engagement than they do on acquisition — but leading publishers invest 3-10x more on engagement than acquisition.
    • Thoughts on that?
    • With a reliance on rich user profiles, subscriptions, and memberships have ‘single reader visits’ become a vanity or even an inversely valued metric?
    • What are the ‘telltale’ metrics behind an engaged audience?
  • What should someone spend on engagement/retention versus acquisition?
  • Ad revenue … are you seeing COVID-19 declines? Or growth?
    • DCN members have seen more than 30% growth in non-advertising revenues … how do you factor in direct, membership and subscription revenues in terms of your brand strategy?
  • How can publishers encourage users that engage with one format, eg newsletters, to engage with another format, eg website?
    • Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned recently that a brand should be producing 100 pieces of content every single day to increase their relevance in a saturated environment.
    • How important is the weighting between content quality and content quantity to develop an engaged audience?
  • What will be the biggest challenges for publishers to grow their audience in the coming months?

The panel chat should be available on-demand here