Moderating at TechBeach Retreat in Jamaica: AI & robots, and digital transformation

TechBeach Retreat is a special conference. It’s the brainchild of Kirk-Anthony Hamilton and Kyle Maloney, who are bringing tech, investment, entrepreneurship, and connection to Jamaica and other countries in the Caribbean.

It’s been my pleasure to be at four TechBeach Retreats over the past few years: two in Montego Bay, Jamaica, one in Kingston, Jamaica, and one in Bermuda. Kirk-Anthony first invited me on the recommendation of Adryenn Ashley, and has been gracious enough to invite me back multiple times.

The only time I couldn’t make it?

A prior speaking engagement in Paris MC’ing APIdays. (Yeah, it’s hard to pass up a trip to Paris near Christmas.)

This past TechBeach, I had the absolute pleasure of moderating two panels …

The first was Life with Machines: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation

The panel included:

  • Trey Grainger – Chief Algorithms Officer, Lucidworks
  • Felicia Gardner – Agency Lead, Global Strategic Sales, Microsoft
  • Sheldon Powe – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Innovate 10X
  • Dr. Kala Fleming – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Diaspora AI

The second panel was Innovation and Reinvention: The Intelligent Enterprise and the Experience Economy

Speakers included:

  • Victor Vargas – Director, Specialist Technology Unit, Microsoft
  • Deirdre Cousins – Chief Information Officer, Grace Kennedy Limited
  • Geoff Waddington – Chief Executive Officer, RealDecoy Global Services
  • John Matthew Sinclair – Digital Transformation Program Manager, National Commercial Bank

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the panelist, their insight, and their participation, and I’m looking forward to the next Tech Beach!