Mobile marketing ecosystem and SKAdNetwork: your questions answered about DSPs, SSPs, MMPs, and any other P’s we can think of

Getting ready for iOS 14.5 and SKAdNetwork has been a massive job for marketers and publishers. But it’s not just about those two absolutely key components of the mobile marketing ecosystem. If demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and mobile measurement platforms don’t also prepare, the result will be complete chaos.

Apple’s iOS 14 privacy changes are essentially forcing an entire ecosystem to rewire itself.

And that doesn’t happen easily. Or quickly.

Recently we offered a webinar with Liftoff, Fyber, and InMobi to talk about the state of industry readiness, the essential components that each party has to prepare for SKAdNetwork readiness, and actionable steps marketers can take for a (relatively) smooth transition. We also chatted about how to test a SKAN set-up, optimizing consent, and much more.

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