Mobile ad fraud in India: 2.4X higher than global average

Click fraud in India is 2.4X worse than the global average, according to a recent study of mobile ad fraud. And mobile app install fraud is 1.7X higher.

I studied 24.3 billion clicks on 702 ad networks, plus 437 million mobile app installs in 131 countries. Globally, click fraud across all those ad networks is 15.17%. Eight ad networks are 100% fraud, and 35 ad networks are 50% or greater.

In terms of mobile app installs, 10% are clearly fraudulent.

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Recently, TUNE’s India team asked me to look at fraud in India specifically. So we re-crunched the numbers to focus specifically on networks that are either from India or do a significant amount of business in India. And then we focused specifically on mobile app installs in India to see how fraud here compares to the world at large.

The results were sobering.

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