Mixtiles co-founder on marketing, identity, privacy, iOS 14, IDFA, and app vs web

Sometimes a smaller top of the funnel is better than a big gaping maw that hoovers any and all potential customers in. And sometimes the web is a better option than a mobile app.

Those are just two of the learnings from half an hour with Mixtiles co-founder Eytan Levit on today’s hot topics in the iOS 14 era: is web better than app? Can we live without the IDFA? How do you measure marketing effectiveness with less signal? Is SKAdNetwork the only answer now on iOS?

If you’re a marketer who is wondering how to navigate the new privacy-safe reality in Apple environments, Mixtiles is a good company to look to for insight:

  • Super-fast growth over the past few years
  • Hot D2C (direct to consumer) category
  • Heavily focused on iOS
  • Overwhelmingly multi-channel and multi-platform user journeys
  • Not dependent on IDFA

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