Merry Digital Christmas (thanks,

This Christmas marks an important milestone for me: every single gift for family members has been purchased online.

Every. Single. One.

My wife, my sons, my daughter: all wonderful excellent stuff, all purchased in the comfort of my own home. No crowds, no fight for parking spaces, no we’re-out-of-that-sorry-sirs.

I’m pumped. It was awesome, and it was quick, and it was easy.

My only quibble: there’s no Canadian equivalent to Yes, of course, there’s … but that’s no The breadth of products on versus is incomparable: .ca is a drop in .com’s bucket. Canada needs a better all-in-one soup-to-nuts online retailer with consistently competitive pricing, good return policies, and a strong user community providing lots of ratings and reviews.

So, a drop-shipper is still necessary for Canadians. Other than that, however, I’m happy.

That’s all.


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