Memories of Florida …

Going back through some of my photos from my recent trip to FETC, I came across some that I had to publish ….

single arch

I’ve seen quite a few McDonald’s all over North America and Europe, but I’ve never seen a ‘golden arch.’ As far as I know, it’s usually the ‘golden arches.’ This poverty-stricking Mickie-D’s is somewhere in central Florida … probably around Lakeland.

There’s a boat ramp right around that same area …. with a sign that tells boaters that they have reached (oops!) the end of the ramp:

end of the line

My hotel, the Hilton Grand Vacation Suites right near Sea World in Orlando, had a walkway around a little lake left in the used-to-be-swamp-before-it-became-hotel land … and some enterprising dude thought he’d engage in a little guerrilla marketing:

guerilla marketing

Too bad the entire effect is spoiled by a lousy Geocities web address!