MCing the ‘Brand Safety and Fraud’ webinar with Mobile Marketing Association

Handing 10%, 20%, or even in some cases more than 50% of your ad dollars to fraudster and criminals sucks. So I’m MC’ing the Mobile Marketing Association’s “Mobile Fraud Bootcamp” series.

Today, we’re talking about brand safety and mobile fraud.

Our special guest: Terri Schriver, Senior Vice President, Brand Manager of Consumer Engagement and Investment at Bank of America.

Terri Schriver, SVP, Bank of America

Mobile fraud is a huge issue now, and 84% of marketers expect mobile ad fraud to continue being a significant problem. In fact, 60% think it will get even worse. In this session we’ll dive into the intersection between mobile ad fraud and brand safety. Protecting brand reputation is harder than ever before thanks to the volume of digital threats from misinformation, inappropriate content adjacencies, and ad fraud. But Schriver has figured out a multi-tiered approach to weeding out both brand safety threats and fraud.

She’ll chat about then, and then we’ll have a discussion around the following questions:

  • What’s the intersection between brand safety and fraud?
    • When you look at vendors, there’s a lot of overlap between fraud and brand safety. Why?
  • Teri, this is a super-sophisticated brand safety infrastructure. How long has it taken you to get to this point?
    • Imagine a CMO or marketing director with 20% of your resources. What can they do to get 80% of your results? Possible?
  • You said it wasn’t just about technology; it was about how you use it. Can you describe the human part of the process of brand safety? What is your daily routine?
    • You have three levels of guardrails: publisher, programmatic, and real-time monitoring and blocking. How do you allocate your time and your dollars to each layer?
  • The walled gardens are the hardest to monitor … are they also the safest? Or is that a myth?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • And … what puts you back to sleep?
  • Your best advice for someone about to embark on a brand safety journey?

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