Marketing trends before and after the coronavirus shutdown: what a billion app installs show


Millions have been impacted by coronavirus medically. Billions have been affected financially.

When we last looked at the implications of coronavirus on app marketing, we saw that in spite of the challenges, gaming ad spend was up 25%, e-commerce was up 34%, and social media was up 29%.

Since our last post, we’ve learned much more about the financial impact. And in an effort to do our part, we released free tools and training for 180 days to help SMB marketers adapt their advertising tactics to all the changes.

Now let’s get into the latest data and look at what is changing as a result of this unprecedented global shutdown.

My focus this time: comparing pre-shutdown 2020 with post-shutdown 2020. In other words, what has changed in the mobile marketing space as a result of shutting down massive segments of our economy?

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