Marketing genius: 50 site (re)designs

Web Designs from Scratch, a small British web design/consultancy firm, has hit on an amazingly bright idea to promote their firm, build their brand, bring in business, and just simply do something really cool: 50 Redesigns from Scratch.

It reminds me of One Thousand Paintings: the painter who is painting a thousand paintings (naturally), of the numbers 1 to 1000.

50 Redesigns from Scratch is genius. They’ll take 50 sites, redesign them, blog about them, write about them in a PDF book which will be available for download, and also write about them in an actual book which can be purchased. They’ve already got a mention on Digg with more than 1100 Diggs (including one from me), and other links are sure to follow.

The real genius is that this project, which is from a “company” which is so non-corporate as to have a Paypal donate button on their home page, is also going to be a money-maker. That’s right: this is not just a publicity stunt or a goodwill gesture:

We can only include a limited number of sites in the book. If you would like your site to be included, we’d love to hear from you.

– A one-off fee of just £725 (US$1,250) gets you:

– A professional redesign of your site’s home page by Ben Hunt

– Your site included in the book, and featured on this site, where it will be seen by like half a million people – guaranteeing great exposure

– All graphics files of the new design you need to help you implement your new design

At one and the same time, they’ve:

  • made this an artificially limited opportunity – hence making it more attractive in some intangibly human way
  • made this an event – which makes it much more interesting for companies or bloggers to buy in
  • promised clients something Joe’s Graphics down the corner (or even a top-flight $150/hour downtown agency) can’t offer: publicity
  • plus, as you can see by their first design, a simply great re-design for their website

What a concept – great marketing/branding/business development coup, all in one. Not to mention how much fun this should be!

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