Marketing analytics grew 9,400% in a decade. Have we hit peak analytics?


How many marketing analytics tools do we need?

It’s a valid question, because there are currently something like 2,400 tools that do some kind of marketing analytics. That’s a massive 9,400% jump in a decade, and it’s even faster growing than marketing technology, which is up around 5,300% in the same time frame.

So are we due for a correction? Have we hit peak marketing analytics?

From my recent post on Singular’s blog …

One early reviewer of the 2015 martech landscape diagram said it gave her anxiety. Another called it terrifying. And Brinker’s been asking if the growth is sustainable for six years. But sheer mental terror at the sight of thousands of logos that we don’t recognize, representing an industry which we’re supposed to be experts in, revealing how much most of us didn’t have a clue existed, is not by itself reason to suspect we’ve hit peak martech, or peak marketing analytics.

More compelling, however, might be a role reversal. Marketers have long been accused of shiny object syndrome when acquiring new tech. That might not be so true anymore …

“Forget shiny object syndrome. Martech chases marketers more than the other way around.”

– Scott Brinker

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