Making SKAN actionable by modeling missing data

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If you’re a mobile marketer trying to boost app installs, you’ve had a tough year. Apple’s new privacy restrictions have been good for consumers, but the data that Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework provides is nowhere near what you’ve been used to from the IDFA-based workflow you once enjoyed.

Enter modeling.

Privacy is a given and SKAN isn’t going anywhere. But modeling can give marketers high levels of confidence that they are getting good, actionable marketing measurement data.

I spent some time with Singular product manager Evyatar Ram:

From my post on Singular’s blog …

89% of mobile marketers in a recent webinar told us that measuring and optimizing iOS app install campaigns using SKAN data is extremely challenging.

In other words, it sucks.

That leaves three options. Growth pros can continue to mourn the loss of the IDFA, they can take some non-compliance risk and focus their user acquisition efforts on the 25% of the non-SAN market that enables fingerprinting, or they can put their big boy boots on, get with the program, and learn how to make SKAdNetwork work.

Good news: there’s help on the horizon.

Get all the details in my post.

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