Low Code Explosion: Why 37 Of The Top 50 Retail Apps Are Hybrid

Conventional wisdom says that the best possible mobile app is a native app using native code running natively. So why are 74% of the top retail apps in America not following that advice?

According to data I recently analyzed for a client, it’s because conventional wisdom is wrong.

At least on one major point.

Native apps are mobile applications that run on native code: a dedicated codebase for each targeted platform, like Swift for iPhone apps, or perhaps Java for Android apps. Hybrid apps are built with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and run inside a native layer to operate on a mobile device. Native apps generally need to be built in native code “by hand,” while hybrid apps are often be built in low-code development platforms.

Low code is a critical part of that story. Even games, the type of app that above all others needs to be highly performant, are increasingly built on low code platforms like Godot and GameSalad.

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