“Live” game broadcasts on NHL.com

The Vancouver Canucks are playing the Colorado Avalanche tonight, and as I was sitting at my computer, I was wondering … is there any live broadcast of the game online?

CKNW, the local radio station that usually broadcasts the Canucks’ games, doesn’t have streaming.

So I checked out NHL.com (irritatingly part of the MSN network) and was all excited about their Game Radio:

Listen to live broadcasts of NHL games on Windows Media Player! Links will not work until the broadcast is underway.

Unfortunately, all the games there are days old … the title is “Friday’s Games.” Not very live. And not what I’m looking for.

Ah well. At least they’re winning ….

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[ update ]

Aha … I found the live audio feed right on the Canucks.com home page. Errr … I guess that’s the most obvious spot.