Leopard fun

Saw this surprisingly accurate and funny description of a common Mac OS X problem that is now fixed in Leopard:

Another noticeable reason for everything being slightly faster is Leopard is that a lot of secondary tasks are delegated to their own thread, allowing more to be done in parallel rather than having the interface held up until a task is completed. One example is network servers in the Finder. If you’ve ever disconnected the network before ejecting a file share, you’ve no doubt felt the pain of having your entire Finder grind to a halt while the system sends out a search party looking for the missing disk. Normality doesn’t resume until all hope is lost, and the rescuers don’t seem to give up easy, even though they never have any chance in finding anything.All that’s gone in Leopard. Disconnect a file share, and the Finder remains responsive while it tries in vain to reconnect in a separate thread. It then simply pops up a disconnect notice. If you have your Mac on a network, that’s reason to buy Leopard in itself. The new Mail similarly benefits from multicore optimization.

Great description … glad it’s now fixed!


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