Joe Thornton: WOW

Imagine you’re an NHL general manager.

Imagine you trade for a guy you think will be a franchise player. Imagine you give up 3 key guys to get him. And imagine you’ve been losing, and losing, and losing.

Then you get this new player. He scores 16 or so points in his first 6 games with your team. He plays like a superstar at the top of his game. He makes all your other players better just for being there. You win 6 straight after getting him, and everybody – I mean everybody – in your home city absolutely loves him, and thinks you just made the best move of your career.

That’s a dream come true for a general manager, and that’s the life that Doug Wilson of the San Jose Sharks is living right now.

The player, of course is Joe Thornton.

And he’s had the kind of start in a new city that hockey players can usually only dream of. 6 straight multi-point games. 6 straight wins. Second in the league in scoring right now, and closing fast on the leader. Offensive player of the week in the NHL last week. Playing with his cousin, Scott Thornton. Having fun. Away from the old team. Away from the losing.

And enjoying sunny days on the California coast to boot!

Unbelievable. Hope it lasts!