Is the new Facebook prioritizing consumption over creation?

I know a lot of people get very upset when Facebook changes things. I like things that just work to stay just working as much as the next person.

But I love the changes Facebook has recently made. The ticker is awesome and quick. Timeline is very cool and nicely executed, although some are worried about privacy implications.

But I’m wondering about one design choice Facebook made: to keep the status update window closed by default:

You actually have to click on “Update Status” to start telling people what you’re doing:

That seems odd, especially since I’m getting used to Google+, where the “Share what’s new” box is always open:

Seems more welcoming, somehow. More designed for creators, no?

The only reason I can think for Facebook to keep it closed, besides to encourage consumption over creation, is the automatic sharing in the new Facebook platform, in which songs you’re listening to, games you’re playing, and articles you’re reading will automatically be shared to your friends on Facebook.

Still, seems odd.