iPad use case #2: stand-up "paper-work"

This is part of an occasional series on iPad use cases … or, more generally, tablet computing. All are written on my iPad.

Today I needed a break from the office – a break from my desk, and a break from sitting. But I had an important email to review, with a long PDF document that I had to read, understand, and respond to.

So I picked up my iPad, opened Mail, and headed outside. Found the message and opened the PDF … and started to review the document in the fresh air of a beautiful morning. PDF documents are wonderful to read on iPad … each page basically is a screenful in portrait (vertical) mode, and looks stunning.

It was a perfect to both recharge the batteries a little and get some work done.

Easy to carry, easy to view, great visual quality even outdoors with bright sunlight nearby.

Can’t thin, of anything bad at the moment.

Would have been nice to be able to annotate that PDF and send it back