IoT Revolutions keynote: San Francisco

Was super-pumped to unveil the new IoT Revolution Landscape at ReadWrite’s IoT event in San Francisco yesterday.

3000 companies in 30 categories in the U.S. and Canada have raised $125B in funding and are now worth $613B in mostly private valuation. They include 95 unicorns (for now!), plus many tiny startups, and a few big old companies.

Interesting: I asked people where IoT is in the hype cycle:

  • expectations rising
  • peak of inflated expectations
  • trending down
  • trough of disillusionment
  • slope of enlightment
  • plateau of productivity

The consensus? There really wasn’t one. People were scattered all over the graph.

Here’s the IoT Landscape that ReadWrite and Spoke Intelligence put together, and that I walked through in my keynote:

For more info, check my Forbes post from yesterday.