IoT In The USA: 3,000 Companies, $125B In Funding, $613B In Valuation, 342,000 Employees

2,888 businesses building the Internet of Things employ 342,000 workers, have raised $125 billion in funding, and have created $613 billion in value.

95 of them are now unicorns: billion-dollar startups.

Spoke Intelligence and ReadWrite, an IoT-focused publication and accelerator, just released their inaugural IoT Revolution handbook, and the numbers are very, very significant. 2,748 companies in the U.S. alone, plus another 140 in Canada, make the IoT scene in North America.

Smart matter
IoT is the “internet of things,” a blanket term for adding intelligence and connectivity to products and sensors. Personally, I prefer the term smart matter, the future result of adding three things to all products and environments: chips, radios, and sensors.

Ultimately, we’re “smartifying” and connecting everything and every thing … giving all things the ability to sense, to act, to control themselves, to be controlled by humans, and to impact their environment.

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