iOS user acquisition: stats, trends, and strategies after IDFA

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So I’m facilitating a webinar tomorrow with my client Singular. There’s been an absolutely massive change on iOS, as all mobile marketers know, in 2021. Literally, it’s a paradigm shift in how to find and acquire new customers on mobile, moving from granular device-level data to aggregate privacy-safe data.

(A lot of companies are doing fingerprinting, against Apple’s new rules, but they’re only fooling themselves. Apple’s going to make that harder and harder, technologically speaking, in iOS 15, and that’s going to just slow their learning curve for the new processes of growth on SKAdNetwork, Apple’s framework for paid mobile app install measurement.)

In any case: here’s the webinarJoin me!

From the webinar home page:

We’re all knee-deep in post-IDFA advertising, and we’ve already seen some massive shifts this year. Budget allocation and spend are shifting, performance is fluctuating, and marketers must adapt their UA and measurement strategies to maintain their growth.

Join us on August 18th at 10 am PST to hear the panel discuss:
– The latest stats and data trends for 2021 UA
– How to maximize SKAdNetwork insights
– Winning UA strategies that marketers have tested
– The UA latest trends like web-to-app, influencers and channel-mix

We’re getting insight from Shamanth Rao from RocketShip HQ (and the User Acquisition Show podcast), Pedro Ponce de Leon from Liftoff, and Ben Holmes from Adcolony.

Important note:

This is an all-male panel (!!) which is not usual for Singular, which generally has more balance. I have asked Singular to have an all-female panel next time to balance that out, and I will help with that as well.

If you’re a woman in mobile growth, please ping me. I’ll get you connected with Saadi, who runs the webinar program and get you lined up for future shows. Most Singular webinars recently have run more than 1,000 attendees.