iOS 14 and IDFA webinar: 795 attendees


It’s been a big week in mobile marketing. Over 600,000 people read my article on Forbes about Apple crippling the IDFA, and then I did a webinar with Gadi Eliashiv, the CEO of Singular.

(Singular is a mobile measurement company; I do some consulting for them.)

Briefly, the IDFA, a device identifier that the mobile marketing ecosystem uses on the iOS ecosystem, is essentially going away. It’s become opt-in with such scary-sounding language that a vanishingly small percentage of people will choose to say yes.

And that impacts virtually every space in mobile marketing:

  • User tracking
  • Marketing measurement
  • Attribution
  • Ad targeting
  • Ad monetization
  • Programmatic advertising: DSPs, Exchanges, SSPs
  • Device Graphs
  • Retargeting
  • Audiences

We kicked off a webinar essentially right after WWDC, delivered it today, and had over 1,200 registrations and almost 800 actual live in-person attendees. Those are both hugely impressive numbers … I’ve done scores if not hundreds of webinars, and the only one with bigger numbers was with Google, and Google helped promote it. Also impressive: the percentage of attendees to registrants. For most webinars, it’s about 33%.

The webinar is over, but it will be available on-demand shortly.