Introducing the Complete Guide to Marketing Measurement in iOS 14

What a few months it’s been in the mobile marketing space. This space is typically fast-paced and slightly chaotic, and Apple’s de facto deprecation of the IDFA turned that dial to 11 or 12.

I’ve been working with a number of people at Singular, where I do some consulting, on a guide to marketing measurement in iOS 14. It’s more challenging that you might think.

  • You can’t just do traditional IDFA (you’re probably not getting that any more)
  • You can’t just do SKAdNetwork (some traffic will have IDFA)
  • You still need to measure Android campaigns with Google’s ad ID
  • You also need to invent a whole new way of valuing new app installs very quickly with incredibly minimal post-install events that arrive at potentially unpredictable times
  • You need to build (or buy) a full infrastructure for getting all your install and post-install postbacks
  • And you still need to have all your data in a single place somewhere for your source of marketing truth

Yeah … not easy. Not simple, and not effortless.

But: doable. With help.

Thankfully, with the assistance of many smart people, we put together a “Complete Guide to Marketing Measurement in iOS 14.” Calling it “complete” is probably a stretch (ok, it IS a stretch) given that iOS 14 isn’t even out in general release yet, but there’s literally a TON (I measured it on a scale) of great information there, including checklists, details, steps, insights, and watch-out-for-thats.

Here’s what’s all included

iOS 14 marketing measurement

To get the iOS 14 mobile measurement guide

Here’s the Singular blog post about it, and you can get the guide (for free, of course) from the Singular site right here.

Enjoy … and let me know what else we should add!