Interviewing Spencer Kimball, CEO of Cockroach Labs, at Traction Conf

How do you scale from nothing to everything? Or from “cockroach to unicorn?”

It was fun to be at an actual physical conference again last month. I had the pleasure of interviewing Spencer Kimball, ex-Googler and CEO of Cockroach Labs at Traction Conference in Vancouver.

And … the video just went live:

What we talked about:

  • Our topic is “scaling, multiplying, thriving,” but the first step (especially now?) is survival …
  • Too many users too soon is a problem. Why?
  • Do you sometimes need multiple sequential MVPs?
  • Key challenge from 0 to 1?
  • Key challenge from 1 to 10?
  • Key challenge from 10 to 100?
  • How does the founder role change as you grow?
    • What sucks about that?
    • Mistakes?
  • What’s a healthy way to manage that change in your founding team?
  • Entrepreneur stress
    • How do you manage it?
    • How do you run the marathon?