Infographic about YOU: what you tweet, post, and share … according to Intel

Intel has posted a social media tool for social content creators like you and me. It connects to your social networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – and creates an infographic of YOU.

Here’s a piece of mine:
Infographic: John Koetsier

Apparently, this is what I talk about online:

  • Tech (22%)
  • Food (15%)
  • Art & Photography (14%)
  • Sports (12%)
  • Gaming (7%)
  • Study (6%)
  • TV/Film (6%)
  • Travel (5%)
  • Fashion (5%)
  • Science (3%)
  • Music (3%)
  • Shopping (2%)

I really doubt some of what it’s saying. Gaming? I hardly play any games, except a few on my iPhone. Food? Seriously? I can’t recall the last time I posted anything about food. Same about TV or movies. Or fashion for that matter.

Still, it’s definitely interesting.

What does yours say?