Incompatible Gesture Language Disaster: Guest Accidentally Buys $25M In Bitcoin, Bankrupting Host

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Incompatible Gesture Languages Disaster: Guest Accidentally Buys $25M In Bitcoin, Bankrupting Host​

January 12, 2032
Rochester, NY resident Joseph Black is liquidating his mansion and collection of antique 2000s-era internal combustion cars after a houseguest accidentally purchased no fewer than 160 Bitcoin, worth over $25 million at time of purchase.

His guest blames incompatible gesture languages for the massive miscue.

“I was just trying to switch the walls from ‘White Andes’ which is awesome and all, but a little boring when you want to party, to Hawaiian Sands,” explains Becky Franklin, 18 years of age. “But Joey is on New Millennium, and I’m on Android Ambient.”

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