ID10T Protection for Kraft

I hate hate hate hate hate these stories of giant corporations bullying people who in good faith registered domain names that they have a perfect right to own.

I’m talking, particularly, this story in which Kraft sued a Milka Budimir for her domain name, … because Milka apparently is a brand name that Kraft has owned for decades.

Basically, Kraft is arguing for court protection against stupidity, because they were sitting on their hands when the web grew big, and didn’t forsee needing domain names for all their brands.

This is ridiculous. The woman’s first name is Milka! She is not a squatter, she is not looking for a big payout … she is registering her very own name.

Next I’ll be hearing some some company that owns gilgamesh. You’ll be hearing from someone who owns your name, or your domain. How can we fight back?