Europe: Doublethought lives! (updated)

Speaking as a Canadian of relatively recent European descent, Europe is really ticking me off these days.

What’s bugging me? European hunger to sell methods of killing people to China.

Maybe I’m just stupid. But I have this impression that Europe thinks it’s a kinder, gentler place than, for instance, the US of A. That’s, at least, what one might think after the huge wedge (also called the Atlantic Ocean) driven between Europe and the States by the ongoing Iraq situation.

But why, oh why, are the Europeans – France in particular – always so eager to be merchants of death? It’s not OK to make war on other nations, but it is OK to sell weapons to others so they can go make war? After all, that’s what weapons are for.

Not that I have anything particularly against China. Chinese people are great. Unfortunately, their government is totalitarian, puts people in jail whenever it wishes, has occupied and attempted to destroy Tibet, is continually rattling sabers at Taiwan, does not allow true religious freedom (and in fact jails and persecutes Christians), and in many other ways, feels compelled to throw its considerable weight around. Not the kind of government you want to sell weapons to, huh?

But European principles, apparently, are up for sale to the highest bidder.

I was kind of inspired to finish this column after I read Pieter Dorsman’s blog on politics. I had been meaning to write it ever since I saw the NY Times article linked to above, but had kept putting it off. I met Pieter at Vancouver Enterprise Forum, and his blog is quite good. Plus, he’s a fellow Dutchman!