I love bricks & mortar retail (and it has a future)

I love bricks and mortar retail.

(As a very digital person, am I allowed to admit that?)

There’s something super-cool about browsing a place, happening upon a store, and making a serendipitous discovery. I did that at Aragaza in Barcelona, and ended up with an amazing outfit that I love to this day: pants, shirt, jacket, and yes … a vest.

(Ignore the flip-flops! It was hot! I apologize! I’ll never do it again!)

I just did that today in Nanaimo while here to speak at the Marketing Connect conference downtown.

I found a few place to browse in, including Well Read Books.

Saw this book:

I’ve watched the movie (of course) but never read the book. Now I’m excited to read the book.

I haven’t developed all my thoughts on this yet … but I think the future of retail in the middle of the retailpocalypse is an experience something like this. It’s not going out to buy toilet paper. Not heading out to get more butter.

But to find something accidentally that is awesome.