I am now an adtech insider …

Apparently, I’m an adtech insider 🙂

The excellent George Slefo at AdAge quoted me in his funny write-up on the IAB changing “programmatic” — ads that are bought and sold via high-speed automated processes — to “automatic.”

He starts strong:

The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a report Wednesday that attempts to rid the advertising world from the word “programmatic” and replace it with “automation.”

Ironically, the news arrived on the same day as the IAB Programmatic Symposium.

My quote is a little farther down the page …

John Koetsier, mobile economist, Tune:
“I think for a couple years we’re likely to increase the level of confusion with yet another term, but it should get better over time.”

“Automated ad buying is a little more straightforward, a little easier to understand, and has the great advantage of being accurate: you are automating the sale and/or purchase of ad space. Of course, not everything is automated, and there are generally rules to contain the automation within boundaries that are acceptable to publishers and advertisers, but it is accurate.”

See the full story at AdAge …