I am now a senior VP at Intel (not)

The funniest thing happened today.

I’m currently in Shanghai, China, meeting key Intel people who work on the Classmate PC project. We have been meeting for two days, walking around the campus, eating in the cafeteria, and working in open-door conference rooms.

We just discovered today that the buzz on campus is that I am Intel EVP Sean Maloney. This is hilarious, for a lot of reasons – not least of which that I became a bit of a hot commodity around the building, with a couple of Intel people (who knew who I really am) choosing to be seen in my company longer than they may have needed to. But also because one of my key contacts at Intel suggested that I learn a bit of an English accent and when I come back, continue the charade.

The only thing is that since Sean is a least a decade older than me, I’m not sure I’m flattered by the mis-identification. But I’ve been assured by several of my contacts at Intel that Chinese people sometimes have trouble distinguishing white people … and we do both shave our heads.

I’m really am tempted to cultivate an English accent so that next time I visit I can impersonate him on purpose and have a little more fun!


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