How To Scam Millions With Facebook Ads, Shopify Stores, And Fake Products

It’s been a little challenging to get fitness equipment lately, hasn’t it?

Scammers have noticed too.

That’s why there’s been a proliferation of scammy-looking fitness product ads on Facebook lately. I’ve personally seen literally dozens of ads for fake Bowflex products, often from “stores” with unpronounceable names and obscure but extremely similar websites.

“Scammers are taking advantage of Facebook’s advertising options to promote anything they can,” says Molly Borman Heymont, a direct-to-consumer retail entrepreneur. “Facebook does not appear to validate the legitimacy of their advertisers’ website or products, so it’s more of a buyer beware situation.”

After seeing five or six ads for fake Bowflex products in a single day, I decided to take action.

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