How Google App Indexing and Apple Spotlight Search Impact ASO

Google app indexing and Apple spotlight search are both part of the convergence of apps and web. And both should be implemented by mobile publishers who want to grow.

In my latest post at TUNE’s blog, I dissect data highlighting practical implications for app publishers today behind the work that Google and Apple are doing to make apps more searchable, indexable, and linkable via technologies such as deep linking, app indexing, Spotlight search, and instant apps.

Essentially: implement Firebase app indexing and Spotlight search now. You’ll thank yourself later as you engage more users that you already have more often, and as you acquire new users.

To build the report behind this post, I analyzed a large anonymized dataset based on TUNE’s App Store and Google Play app store optimization product, App Store Analytics. I studied about 50,000 top apps, focusing on the leading 150-300 apps in each category on both major app stores, and analyzed data on billions of ratings, reviews, and other app listing data and metadata.

Get the full details here.