How can I get in Forbes?

Every week I get a question like this: “How can I get in Forbes?”

Or VentureBeat, or some other outlet.

My answer, once and for all

(Yeah, who am I kidding?)

  • Do something newsworthy.
  • Find/create interesting data.
  • Get incredible traction.
  • Start a visible movement.
  • Get remarkable people onboard.
  • Do something truly unique.
  • Be awesome.
  • Be persistent.
  • Connect with journalists.
  • Pitch smart.
  • Then hope and pray.

The last one is really, really important. Because … it’s hard.

Journalists are extremely busy and ignore most emails and messages they get. It’s not personal, it’s for their own sanity.

Oh, and I guess I could add …

  • Be Google
  • Be Apple
  • Be Facebook
  • Be Amazon
  • Be Elon Musk

Yes, the giants get a LOT of free publicity. Elon’s every tweet is examined, analyzed, editorialized. They sneeze and it’s news. They change one sentence on their home pages or add a tiny inconsequential product variation and BOOM … everyone writes about it.

No, it’s not fair.

Yes, it’s the way the world works.


(That last part is the Canadian in me peeking out.)


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