Hotel California

Just finished watching Walk the Line, the life story of Johnny Cash.

The movie was great, Joaquin Phoenix was amazing, Reese Witherspoon was really, really good. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. And the soundtrack was way too good – I couldn’t believe Phoenix and Witherspoon were doing the signing.

One thing that caught our eye was an umbrella at a hotel that Cash and company were staying at during a tour, early in the movie. It was exactly the same as one we just saw on our recent California road trip. Made of metal, with alternating blue and white stripes:


Retro cool – these things must last forever!

. . .
. . .

By the way, this movie must have been hard for Phoenix in at least one way: while Johnny Cash lost a brother at a very young age, he lost his brother River a little later in life … to the same kind of drug-fueled whirlpool that Cash became trapped in at one stage of his life.