Hooray for high gas prices

I hate paying more just like everyone else. But high gas prices in the US and Canada – something that Western Europe has known for a long time – are a good thing.

We need to stop the automotive frenzy of bigger, bigger, more, more, and the inevitable side-effects of dirtier, noisier, and more pollution.

I don’t think we need to go back to the stone age. And I’m not in favor of less freedom to do what we want to do. But we have to find greener ways of doing it – or we’ll pay the price.

Look in the mirror
High gas prices are our own fault – we use too much – and that’s something that people are starting to realize. North America could probably exist just fine on half the amount of gasoline we use right now … and gas prices would go way down … if only fuel efficiency was a top priority for drivers, automobile manufacturers, and legislators.

Well, guess what. Fuel efficiency is going WAY up on the priority list of most car buyers right now.

If your company makes big, fat, dirty SUVs, trucks, or cars: get a clue. Refocus.

And once again, the Japanese are ahead of the American manufacturers. It’s 1970 all over again.