Home theatre dreaming …

I’m considering getting an entirely new home theatre set-up, and this is where I’m saving my research/exploration findings.

I’m thinking of a 42″ Panasonic Plasma (at JR.com): TH-42PX60U. It’s extremely high-rated, great looking, and fits in the space I have.
Price: $1299 US, $1500 CAD

Panasonic SA-XR57S (also at JR). I’ll be able to run everything into here and then run 1 HDMI cable into the TV. I’ll use my existing 5.1 speaker system.
Price: $279 US, $315 CAD

Upconverting DVD player
Panasonic DVD-S52S (JR). I figure I might as well pick up everything from one company – hopefully everything will play nicer together. This DVD player does the 720p output to make my current DVDs look great.
Price: $89 US, $100 CAD

TV programming
No point having an HD TV and standard definition signal, so I’ve got to ante up for the HD receiver, and I’m thinking StarChoice is a good choice. StarChoice PVR system. I could cheap out and just get the receiver without the PVR, saving $500, but then I’d have to get a VCR anyways and have an extra piece hanging around.
Price: $700

Other costs
Shipping: $200
Tax for taking into Canada: $140-280
Assorted cables, HDMI etc.: $200 (if I can get a good deal somewhere)

Total price
About $3200.

Ouch. Not sure yet if/when I’ll bite the bullet.