Help wanted: Apple-focused daily podcast co-host

apple logo with galaxy background

I posted this on social media yesterday, and I thought I’d post to my blog with a bit more information and context around what I’m thinking about.

I’m looking at starting a daily podcast (five per week) focused on Apple. It’s a big part of my coverage at Forbes; I’ve been an Apple customer for over two decades; there’s a large and passionate group of people who love the company, and a large and passionate group of people who hate the company. So there’s a bit of opportunity there for a fun, insightful overview of each day’s Apple news.

I said I was “looking for a daily podcast cohost who is big on tech, knowledgeable about Apple, has a decent social following, is opinionated and witty, and wants to build something together from the ground up.”

A few more details are probably useful:

  • Time zone compatibility would be great (I’m in PST)
  • I’m thinking recording would happen in the afternoon (4ish PM PST)
  • I’m imagining a 20-25 minute podcast … quick, in, out, got all the latest Apple news
  • We’d record as live social video, similar to how I do my TechFirst podcast
  • Post-production would be immediate; it’d be posted as an audio podcast by 5PM
  • It’s news-driven, but opinionated … we have some banter

It’s important to note: we’d be starting from zero: no listeners, no following, no sponsors, so you need to be in it for the long haul. If all goes very well, we might be able to start bringing on sponsors and start paying ourselves in three to six months. The goal is definitely to get big and make money, but it simply will not happen overnight.

To get it going, it helps that I have some level of audience already … maybe 75,000 across social platforms and this website. It’d be very helpful if my co-host also had some level of social following also.

But the most important things are: knowing tech, understanding Apple from a different perspective than me, having the ability to have some fun in a conversation, and a commitment to probably an hour a day (30 minutes spread throughout the day as you see news and make a note of it, 30 minutes to broadcast/record) of working on the podcast. Plus, of course, some social promotion on your own channels.

So that’s a big commitment. Be very aware of that 🙂

Which only leaves two questions:

  • Who would be awesome?
  • And, are you in?

Ping me on any of my social networks, of contact me via this website (in the consulting section, just scroll down).