Graduating from Chinglish to Engrish

I’m looking for hotels in Tokyo for an upcoming speaking trip to Japan, and ran across the Sumisho.

It looks like it could be OK, but it’s hard to tell given the Japanese/English fusion (Engrish) it’s written in.

The Nihombashi which stops the vestiges of Edo. As a hotel of peacefulness, Sumisho is nochalant, and it is warm in it, and it has treated the visitor to this ground that is full of rich humaneness.

Please take in everywhere the merit of the sum to which the heart is softened, and though you are hotel form, use as the base of the Tokyo walk by Sumisho which valued the atmosphere of a tasteful hotel, and a place which relieves the tiredness of business.

Well, you can’t beat that!

I’m fairly used to Chinglish after trips to Taiwan and mainland China … but Engrish is a little new to me. I think I like it!