Google Maps thinks Oregon is in the midwest

My wife and I are planning a road trip. We’re gonna head south from Vancouver, hit Seattle, Portland, and Crater Lake. Then we’ll go to San Francisco and finally Yosemite.

This is a LOT easier than it used to be, given online tools like Google Maps, Kayak, Travelocity, and TripAdvisor. But not when they don’t work.

Google Maps has had some serious issues over the past week.

First, it has the odd idea that Lincoln City, Oregon, is actually Lincoln, Nebraska:

Then Google Maps is quite sure that Seaside, Oregon, is South Dakota:

It takes some real skill to do this. Even more impressive, on the weekend Google Maps told us that Portland was on the east coast of the US. Transporting an entire city across the width of a continent may seem like a major feat, but Google never broke a sweat. Unfortunately, I didn’t immortalize that creative mapping in a screenshot.

We actually had to – can you believe it – use MapQuest.

Wow, how 1997.