Google Blog Search Goes Live

Am I the only one who’s noticed, or have I been living under a rock?

Google has started a blog search section. Whoa. Now we know why they didn’t buy Technorati … they thought they could do a better job themselves.

Interesting how it seems to find stories – it’s very time-sensitive – rather than locations. For instance, searching for gilgamesh brings up a variety of stories from my site, and recent ones too, but does not bring up, the home page.

There’s is, however, a “related blogs” thing at the top, where ads typically run on Google web searches, that is NOT paid sponsorship, at least not yet, but simply direct links to the home pages of blogs that Google thinks are mostly about what you’re searching for.

Very, very interesting … the blogosphere will probably become much more slicable, dicable, and searchable as a result!

I can’t believe that no-one else seems to seems to have noticed that Google Blog Search is live.

[ update ]

Well, I seem to have been scooped by half a month or so, by Boing Boing. Odd that I haven’t heard anything about it lately, though.