Gaping (de)void

I’ve been enjoying Gaping Void for perhaps a year or so now. Hugh Mcleod, who blogs there, is an adman-by-day, disaffected-business-card-artist-by-night kind of guy, and his art is pretty cool, though often rather crude.

But the quality of his writing, which is what I really was going to the site for, has tailed off dramatically. What a bore he’s become!

Cases in point:

I’m in Copenhagen
I’m at Reboot
I’m at the Geek Dinner

Yadda yadda yadda. Any fingernail-clipping lately?

Say what you’re thinking. Say new things about how to do business. Talk about cool stuff you’re seeing in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Or neat things you found online. Talk about something.

Don’t prattle endlessly on about the businesses you are trying to promote, that you are making money off of, and the funky geeky conferences, dinners, and soirees you’re going to.

Sorry, that’s boring.