Future of media

Fred Wilson just posted on the future of media based on his kids’ usage and some financial/valuation data:

  • Newspapers and radio are down and trending out
  • TV series on DVD more valued than movies (better bang for the buck)
  • Gaming of all sorts on all platforms is huge. Key thing: doesn’t have to be super-awesome amazing … they’ll play silly but simple and fun games on Facebook.
  • Books are still big
  • Magazines still big
  • Internet is huge – by far the biggest. Especially social sites such as Facebook, but also the kids sites like Webkinz and Neopets (which my kids love as well).

He admits this is based on a sample of 3 kids living with both birth parents who are fairly affluent, which skews the results (many kids don’t have the resources to buy TV series on DVD, for instance).

But what the wealthy have one decade, every has next, right?