Full featured e-commerce app for top global brands in just weeks?

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FollowAnalytics’ Samir Addamine weighs in on how low code apps allow brands to pivot quickly. Apps are where it’s at — but up until now, many companies have been priced out of the market. A revolution is happening. Here at Low Code Ninjas we’re exploring how low and no-code app development is changing everything about apps. This week we talk to Samir Addamine, founder of FollowAnalytics, which provides full-featured apps and flexibility for companies looking to create apps in a few hours instead of weeks or months.

This kind of flexibility has been an integral part of COVID response for many companies, as they adjust to a reality where in-person sales are practically non-existent. Find out how, with the help of flexible cloud infrastructure, FollowAnalytics has enabled companies to respond rapidly to new challenges and ensure business continuity. Learn about the features — such as in-app video calls — that have allowed retail and fitness brands to adapt to social distancing and more.


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